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1:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: What upset me was ______________________________________.(不是他所说的话,而是他说话的方式)。

  2: In the conference, the mayor _________________________(反复强调了)the importance of environmental protection.

  3: He is opposed to the plan for the simple reason __________________________(这个计划目前暂不可行).

  4: __________________________(还要多长时间)before you graduate from college.

  5: He is such a stubborn boy that _________________________________(劝他不要沉迷于电脑游戏没有用).

  2:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: ____________________________(不管是什么种族,宗教信仰), we are all equal.

  2: John obeyed his wife ___________________________________(惟恐她发脾气).

  3: It’s the first time she came to Beijing; __________________________(难怪她充满着好奇).

  4: Many of those who violate the laws never think of themselves as lawbreakers, _________________________________________(更不用说犯罪分子了).

  5: John is not well-grounded in mathematics, but he _______________________________________(取得了难以置信的进步).

  3:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: He felt excited at __________________________(一直想他的童年) in the countryside.

  2: On the whole, ______________________________(很少有人不抱怨自己的工作单调乏味的). However, they will feel more bored if they don’t work.

  3: I ________________________(对他的请求不好拒绝), for whenever I asked him for help, he had always obliged.

  4: The production of the auto factory is __________________________(逐步增长).

  5: It is strange that _______________________________________(他昨天居然什么也没说就走了).

  4:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: _________________________(我刚刚到家) than the telephone rang.

  2:The old man regretted __________________________(一事无成) in his life.

  3:____________________(他五十多岁), but he looks younger than his age.

  4:Many big cities in the world ________________________(正面临淡水资源短缺).

  5:He said nothing, leaving me _____________________ (对他的计划毫不知情).

  5:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: How I even you! ___________________________________(要是我也能像你一样去一趟巴黎该多好)!

  2: I’d rather read books in the library ______________________(也不愿上课).

  3:Our aim is to ____________________________(全心全意为人民服务).

  4:I’d like to _______________________(借此机会) to express my heartfelt thanks for your help.

  5:The court ruling _________________________(剥夺了他的政治权利).

  6:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: The truck driver is __________________________________(对这起交通事故负全责).

  2:In the court, the defendant ____________________________(声称自己是清白的).

  3:Unemployed, John ________________________________(几乎无法维持生计).

  4:________________________________(在任何情况下,中国都不首先) use nuclear weapons.

5:___________________________(要想他人尊重你),you should learn to respect them first.

  7:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: I have promised Jane that I shall play the violin at the party, but ___________________________________(我已经好久没有练习了).

  2:The professor advised the students to ______________________________(读更多有教育意义的书).

  3:Mrs. Smith shut the windows lest _____________________________(外面的噪音会影响她儿子的睡眠).

  4:__________________________(他被眼前的情景吓得) that she could not speak a word for several minutes.

  5:I would rather go to the park __________________________________(也不愿意呆在房间里无所事事).

  8:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:I could see a car in the distance, but ___________________________(我无法看清它是什么颜色).

  2:________________________(众所周知), learning English is no easy job.

  3:John regretted very much ______________________________(对老板说了不该说的话).

  4:He seems poor, but ______________________________(我们都怀疑他很有钱).

  5:It’s essential to build up your confidence _______________________(如果你想在一生中有所成就的话).

  9:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: To our surprise, his casual remark ________________________(竟然引起了一场政治风暴).

  2:Persistence is supposed to be __________________________(一个人成功的关键).

  3:_____________________________(为了培养我们的动手能力), our mother made sure that we did share in keeping the house.

  4:____________________________(考虑到他没有经验), he has done a good job.

  5:Jane had learned to rely on herself at an early age, and she ________________________________(鼓励女儿也这样做).

  10:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:The substance does not dissolve in water __________________________(不管是否加热).

  2:Not only __________________________(他向我收费太高), but he didn’t do a good repair job either.

  3:Your losses in trade this year are nothing ______________________(与我的相比).

  4:On average, it is said, visitors spend only ________________(一半的钱) in a day in Leeds as in London.

  5:By contrast, American mothers were more likely ______________________(把孩子的成功归因于) natural talent.

  11:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: _____________________________(考虑到他身体不好), He’s done a good job.

  2: Woman ___________________________(不准进入寺庙).

  3: ______________________________(民主受到威胁), the reforms deserve all the support they can get.

  4: The scheme _____________________________(付诸实施要付出很大的代价).

  5: The news ________________________________________(通过口信传递).

  12:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:We had to resign ourselves on _________________________(销售中造成的损失).

  2:If the day turns out wet, ______________________(我们就得改变计划).

  3:He always listens to the radio ____________________(在开车上班时).

4:The old professor usually _____________________(写得又好又切题).

  5:____________________(不管你采用什么方式), it’ll take you at least two days.

  12:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:The young woman described to the policemen __________________________(那个青年是如何跑到她跟前抢走她手中提包的).

  2:If you go on spending money like this, _________________________(你一个月就会身无分文), my friend said to me the other day.

  3:Although he studied economics at university, _________________________(但是他毕生的兴趣是政治和哲学).

  4:The scientist will show the audience ___________________________(机器人能为家庭做什么).

  5:__________________________(药物开始起作用) one hour after the child took it.

  14:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:The security council ______________________(由五位将军和四位警官组成).

  2:Only by rewarding success ____________________(才能激励职员).

  3:In the United States, private cars are __________________________(必需品,而不是奢侈品).

  4: We are literally crawling. ___________________________(前面肯定是出交通事故了).

  5:Everyone thinks that the new member is ___________________________(对球队的有益补充).

  15:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:I used to hate jogging _______________________(但现在我渐渐喜欢它了).

  2:______________________(随着年龄的增加), it seems she was coming to understand it better.

  3:The bankruptcy of the company was not caused by evil, _______________________________(而是因为无知)

  4:In your résumé you’ve mentioned everything ___________________________(惟独重要的一点你没说).

  5:The road being wet and slippery after the heavy rain, ______________________(所以我开车非常小心).

  16:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:When the officer gave the command, ____________________________(士兵就立刻开火了).

  2:__________________________(只要人们继续买自行车), we’ll keep turning them out.

  3:She was so lost in study _________________________(以至于忘记吃饭).

  4:These computer games _____________________________________(对学习者来说既能娱乐,也能使其受教育).

  5:Jenny opened the door quietly, ________________________(由于害怕吵醒孩子).

  17:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:A radio transmitter ___________________________(最好设在离城市比较近的地方).

  2:_____________________(Mary停止与Henry联系) after the death of her mother.

  3:The rough surface of the basketball ________________________(有助于球员控球).

  4:_______________________(再迟到一次), and you’re fired.

  5:Bring the flowers into a warm room, _______________________(不久就会开放).

  18:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:Please sit down for a moment, _______________________(我去告诉经理你来了).

  2:She is determined not to give in __________________________(直到他们给她涨工资).

  3:I got to the theater ___________________________(却发现票忘在家里了).

4:________________________(他们花了很长时间商谈增长工资), only to get fired.

  5: Why argue with him any more?___________________________(他已经下定决心不办这项任务).

  19:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1:The cost of electricity is likely to ___________________________(受到汽油价格上升的严重影响).

  2:They had run out of water_______________________(当他们到达营地的时候).

  3:The father______________________(不知道这个男孩的秘密).

  4:During his stay in the countryside, ______________________(他学会了吸烟).

  5:I passed him a large glass of whisky, ____________________(他立刻就喝了).

  20:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: The plane crashed into the mountainside, ___________________(机上无人生还).

  2:He exploded: “___________________________(为什么不早点告诉我)?”

  3:Every morning, the policeman on duty__________________________(会看见成千上万辆车驶过).

  4:The fireman _________________________(从窗户跳进房间).

  5:Application papers______________________(可以通过电子邮件发送).

  21:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: Mothers who spoil their children often _______________________(睁一只眼闭一只眼) the faults of their children.

  2:After his company failed, __________________________(他决定在保险业方面碰碰运气).

  3:It may be hard for a person ________________________(适应经济地位的变化) if his self-esteem is derived mostly from a career or an income.

  4:________________________________(他把自己奉献于社区工作) and is passionate about what he is doing.

  5:_________________________________(如果你设法与Smith先生取得联系) the problem will be solved easily because he is an expert in this field.

  22:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: The advisor forgave him for mixing the two chemicals together; ______________________________________(毕竟他是想帮导师做事).

  2:_________________________________(他原以为一切都得得心应手), but, in fact, the result of the experiment turned out to be controversial.

  3:Man should not exploit the natural resources __________________________(以牺牲其他物种为代价).

  4:The problem lies in how people look at those students _________________________(专心追求知识的).

  5:On Children’s Day, kids ______________________(有资格免费进入) to all the city parks.

  23:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: When Sandy recovered from cancer, her doctor ___________________(把此归因于她坚强的毅力和对未来的信念).

  2:If Jim is not in the classroom, ___________________________(那他就在图书馆).

  3:I’ll see you again next month, but in the meantime, __________________________(让我们保持联系).

  4:I knew nobody at all on my first day there and _________________________(我感到很不适应).

  5:The restaurant next door serves good food, but the one across the street is much better ______________________(就服务而言).

  24:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: Animal experiments will continue to be necessary to resolve existing medical problems ___________________(尽管一些人公开反对).

2: _________________(为公正起见), we decided to use two different methods to test the students’ English ability.

  3:If you go on wasting your money like this, __________________________(你最终将会陷入债务之中).

  4:The mistake must have been man-made, for a machine can only operate on the instruction _________________________(而不能随心所欲).

  5: ______________________(他不顾自己身有残疾). He has been dedicated to improving the medical care in the community.

  25:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: At the end of his speech, the school master encouraged the children to work hard ___________________(不要让父母失望).

  2: The little boy next door has been beating his drum for a whole morning, which got on my nerves so much ___________________________(以至于我无法集中注意力学习).

  3:In the budget for this building, they failed to __________________________(考虑价格增长的因素).

  4:The scientist tried to convince us that a tiger would not attack us _________________________(除非它走途无路).

  5: Only after I slapped him on the back ______________________(他才发现我并高兴得叫起来).

  26:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: I didn’t even speak to him, ___________________(更不用说与他讨论事情).

  2: Because of the economic depression, real estate agents are in the dilemma of ___________________________(或降低房价或减少销售量).

  3: __________________________(尽管非常喜欢汽车). Many people appeal to the extensive use of the public transport system, which can cut down on traffic congestion.

  4:Alex has the habit of reading a newspaper _________________________(在吃早饭的时候).

  5: ______________________(每当天气不好时), he takes whatever umbrella he can find.

  27:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: He worked very hard, but ___________________(得不到父母所期盼的好成绩).

  2: Look at the bread left over on the table, ___________________________(把这些事物浪费掉多可惜)!

  3:Professor Clark was a bit strict with us, __________________________(但我们确实从他那里学到了很多).

  4:Some young people would rather try hard themselves to go through life than _________________________(求助于他们的父母) with a sense of guilt.

  5: Now that you have told me a little about your past, ______________________(你不妨把全部情况都告诉我).

  28:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: He has done so much for the poor in his community that ___________________(再怎么赞扬他都不过分).

  2: The spokesman admitted that the government’s thoughtless policy had caused a crisis that ___________________________(根本就不该发生).

  3:Teamwork has helped him to advance his new theory which __________________________(似乎已走进死胡同).

  4:He was disabled from birth, but he never felt frustrated, _________________________(也从未屈服于任何困难).

5: For the sake of his safety, the government asked him not to take part in social activities, ______________________(但他却置若罔闻).

  29:Part VI Translation: (5 minutes)

  1: Having spent some time in the city, he had no trouble ___________________(找到去历史博物馆的路).

  2: ___________________________(为了挣钱供我上学), Mother often takes on more work than is good for her.

  3:The professor required that __________________________(我们交研究报告) by Wednesday.

  4:The more you explain, _________________________(我愈糊涂).

  5: Though a skilled worker, ______________________(他被公司解雇了) last week because of the economic crisis.